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Domestic Photovoltaic

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Imagine generating electricity via your roof tiles? PV means electricity from light. Even in Ireland with our well known cold and rainy climate, PV tiles can process substantial volumes of green, clean, silent, and maintenance free electricity for your home or business, as it only requires daylight not sunlight.

The Benefits

PV systems produce no greenhouse gases and each KWp (kilowatt peak) can save approximately 455kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year, adding up to about 11 tonnes over a system's lifetime

What will you need?

Solar PV arrays now come in a variety of shapes and colours, ranging from ‘solartiles' that look like roof tiles (Solarcentury C21e) to panels and transparent cells can be connected to the national grid or simply to a battery bank. In any event, they will significantly reduce the running costs of any building in which they are fitted.

There are a number of systems available, and Cell Energy can advise you of your most effective choice based on your electricity requirements, roof facing position, and space available.

How much electricity can the PV modules produce?

The output from your PV system will depend on the size of the PV system you install. PV modules are rated in KW peak (KWp). The average house in Ireland consumes 3300 KWh per annum. Thus, on average a 2KWp system would supply nearly 50% of your electricity over the course of the year. It is possible to be more careful by controlling your energy use.

We would always recommend that before installing a PV system, customers seek to reduce their energy consumption wherever possible, low energy light bulbs, fridges and other appliances and by using Solar thermal or Geothermal for their heating and hot water. It is always cheaper to save KWh than to generate one.

What if the system produces more than I need?

The excess electricity can be sold back to the national grid. To do this, you will need an export meter. Exported units are worth 5.5p in Northern Ireland, the price per unit for the Republic of Ireland is as yet not confirmed.

Can I heat my house using electricity from the PV system?

PV and solar hot water heating systems are commonly confused, which is perhaps understandable given that both can be described as ‘solar power' and use roof mounted modules/panels. However, the two technologies actually bear little resemblance apart from the fact they both harness the sun's energy directly. In practical terms the key differences are: PV generates electricity; solar water heating produces thermal energy. You may wish to consider Ground Source Heat Pumps, or Geo-thermal systems. Our sister company EIL (Environmental Installations Ltd) provide these products, and services, they would be happy to advise you on these matters. Please contact for more information.

Why choose Cell Energy Ireland?

Cell Energy Ireland is in the business for a purpose: to help create a cleaner world and a sustainable future. Our aim is to help you – the customer – make an informed choice that will benefit you and your family for the future both in terms of cost effectiveness, and sustainability, while also contributing to the environment we live in.

How we work?

  • We will carry out a feasibility study – to assess your individual energy requirements, architectural constraints, and viability.
  • We will advise and assist you in the planning and grant application procedures.
  • We will source the required technologies and install them.
  • And finally, we promise not to baffle you with the technology……………….

To find out more you can telephone us on the numbers provided within the Contact us section or alternatively, you can simply fill in the assessment form, detailing your requirements, and we will be able to respond with relevant details to your query.

For more information on the C21e please view the Solarcentury educational video available at


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